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•  You will be given access to Module One starting January 18, 2022. The Live Group Welcome Call is January 17, 2022 at 4:00 EST. Calls are recorded for those unable to call in Live.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Our HWP-You (Healthy Wealthy Perennial) Programs business relationship is a partnership, and in any such arrangement it is necessary to eliminate ambiguity with an agreement and procedures.

HWP-You Understands

1. We agree to serve as Program Members' advisor and Program partner." Members define the partnership, basing it on their interests and objectives. Throughout the Program our job is to be unconditionally constructive.

2. The HWP-You Live Q & A calls are designed to facilitate the forward movement of Member objectives.

3. Member privacy is always respected and any confidential business or personal information which may be revealed is kept confidential in perpetuity, except as required by law.

Members can remain anonymous if the Q & A Calls are of interest and you wish to express ideas or seek the perspectives of others on the live calls. Members understand that certain topics may be anonymously shared by us with other professionals for consultation purposes.

4. As Program specialists, we are not responsible for Program Member outcomes nor can we guarantee results. We create results with Program Members by Members having the commitment to move forward toward the Member-chosen goal or objectives, using the HWP-You Roadmap.

5. Program Members can expect to be offered fresh perspectives and have requests made of them (including the completion of the videos and exercises, which Members are free to accept, decline or modify. However, to qualify for a refund, completed work from each Program Module, up to the point of a Member request, must be emailed along with the refund request, within the first 30 days of the Program. Please refer to item number "4. Refund Policy:" under "The Program Member Understands:" section below).

6. We are experienced to provide life and professional development guidance, not as psychologists or psychotherapists. HWP-You  Programs are no substitute for therapy as practiced by a mental health professional.

7. Program Members understand that HWP-You Programs are not to be used in lieu of professional advice such as professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, or other matters.

The Program Member Understands:

1. When the Terms and Conditions are accepted, Program Members are officially enrolled and can expect to receive an emailed fee receipt, registration confirmation, and calendar invites to the scheduled Group Q&A Calls, as well as notifications of the release of new Modules. Program Members understand that HWP-You  Programs will be entirely by phone, email or via internet audio or video.

2. Program Members accept full responsibility for themselves and any actions they take or fail to take that might result from participating in HWP-You Programs.

3. Program Members hold HWP-You free of all liability and responsibility for any actions or results created as a direct or indirect result of HWP-You Program advice, collaboration or referral.

4. Refund Policy: Program Members have lifetime access to the digital Program for the life of the Program because we understand that life gets in the way at times. To be eligible for the 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund, you would email us within 30 days of the start of the Program with the request, along with the completed work from each Program Module up to that point. The refund provided is 100% of the Program fee minus a 5% processing fee. This policy reinforces the ability to benefit from the Program's value.

5. I have read and agree with these terms and conditions. 

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Midlife (& Later) Reinvention Roadmap Online Program



Extended 24/7 Access for entire online program at the 6th week release.


...the HWP-You 6-Week ONLINE "Midlife and Later Reinvention Roadmap Kick-Start" Program.


✔️ 24/7 Access to the Reinvention Roadmap Kick-Start Digital Program and Resources. 

✔️  Multiple knowledge acquisition + application stylesVideos, PowerPoint and audio recordings, micro and macro challenges, PDFs: Recaps; Key Question forms.

✔️ HWP-You Roadmap Blueprint (HWP = Healthy Wealthy (in the tradition of Ben Franklin) Perennial).

🎁  B O N U S E S

✔️  Four Live Group Review / Q&A calls. Privacy always respected ($1,500 value).

✔️  Mobile app access to your Program materials to watch from the convenience of a mobile device.



M.M.H, London, U.K.

P.W. - AUTHOR, Former WALL STREET ATTORNEY: "After the first two weeks (of the Reinvention Roadmap Kick-Start Program), things started moving quickly for me. The historical novel I'd been working on for several years was finally submitted and has now been accepted by a respected publisher. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS (Program)... and for the message that we can go after what we want at any age.

P.W. - Author, former Wall Street Attorney, Western & Eastern PA

(HARVARD-TRAINED MALE PHYSICIAN): "Marie's perceptiveness in seeing someone's future capabilities with confidence was evident early on. She has also recognized some of my own capacities I had been too busy to see. One time when I was at a key professional crossroads, the resolution became much clearer after her insightful questions and input.

E.H.G., M.D. - Harvard-Trained Male Physician, San Francisco, CA

I now have a new outlook on how I refer to myself and others as we age. Adult aging is so much more than a number, and definitely more exciting to experience in a positive way as opposed to being referred to as 'old age or senior years' with a negative mindset.

M.R., Florida, USA

(FORMER CORPORATE EXECUTIVE, NOW ORDAINED PRESBYTERIAN MINISTER & HOSPITAL CHAPLAIN): "When I was at a significant reinvention point in my last chapter -- Marie was a major factor in the successful transition to the new one. I am now deeply impacting people's lives in a way that brings me enormous fulfillment. Marie's own series of business and creative reinventions has inspired me through the years. I recommend her without hesitation.

Catherine T., M.Div. - Former Corporate Executive, now Ordained Presbyterian Minister & Hospital Chaplain, Pinehurst, NC

I am so glad for the work you do. It always makes me sad when I hear people say they're 'too old' to learn [insert something new].

M.G., Business Consultant and former CFO

ANN VAN ERON, Ph.D. - Author of OASIS Conversations: "This is the best-presented Course of its kind that I've seen. Marie's well-honed program is informed by more than 25 years of backing others' aspirations, and by her own series of entrepreneurial and corporate 'reinventions.' I fully endorse Marie as an exceptional guide to structuring semi- or full "retirement" new chapters that will include exciting possibilities which may not have been considered.

Ann Van Eron, Ph.D. - Author of “OASIS Conversations" and Global Firm Principal, Chicago, IL